Simplify the Apartment Application Process

Apartment Application

Part 1 – The Application

The Internet greatly simplifies the apartment application process. But that’s not all that it does. It actually makes the whole apartment application process more effective as well.

When was the last time that you updated your apartment rental application? The first step in simplifying the rental process is to go through your old application, updating and fine-tuning it.

I’ve been a lucky landlord and haven’t needed to rent out any of my units for about three years. All of my tenants have been happy and have stayed in place, so I’ve busied myself with the other duties of a landlord.

Then, about six months ago, one of my tenants needed to move out of state. This left me with an empty unit to rent out. When I looked at my apartment rental application, boy was I in for a shock! Did I actually ever use something so longwinded? Not to mention outdated.

The first thing that I did was look online for a sample application. I haven’t been in the business long enough to draw up my own application from scratch, so I needed ideas. And ideas I did find! There are an abundance of sample applications online.

I took one that I felt confident about and adjusted it to my needs. On my previous application, I had very little information on tenant screening. I made it a point to include the entire tenant screening process of my new rental application.

When drafting a new application it is important to consult your real estate attorney. When I had a finished copy of mine I passed it over to them so that they could make sure that it adhered to state and area laws.

Just by updating my application, I greatly simplified it. My apartment rental application is now much easier to understand and quicker for tenants to fill out. I’m not saying that simply updating your application will get you more applicants, but it will make applying much easier for them, and we all know that a happy tenant is more likely a good tenant.

Part 2 – Move Online

Simplifying your apartment application process is greatly beneficial to both you and your tenants. For one, tenants are much more likely to apply and then follow through if your application process is simple.

I discussed an easy way of doing this in an earlier blog post. The post was about simplifying the apartment application process by updating your apartment application. It mainly discusses how many landlords have old, sloppy, or confusing apartment applications that might turn tenants off.

Another way of simplifying the apartment application process is by moving the entire process online.

If you’re feeling wary, I totally understand. When I first heard of online apartment applications, I was skeptical as well. But after learning a little more about it, I have come to realize that the online process is actually very beneficial and is the single best way to simplify the rental process for everyone involved.

Say that you are a tenant. You’ve found the ideal apartment and now it is time to undergo the application process.

But, wait! You’re a busy man. You really need a place to live, but your work schedule is chalk full. The landlord from your ideal apartment requires that you come down to the office to manually fill out the application form. It’s about a thirty-minute drive, and that is if the traffic is good. Plus, past experience tells you that landlords/leasing specialists are late to these sort of meetings more often than not.

Many people in this situation end up choosing a slightly less perfect apartment that has an easier apartment rental process. Chances are that these apartments offer an online apartment rental process.

Because so many people utilize the internet, it only makes sense that you should too! Offering online apartment applications is a great way to make the process easier for your tenants. When the process is easier for them, they are more likely to rent from you.

They can fill out the application in the comfort of their homes without worrying about traveling to a meeting. Once you have their application, you can do a quick tenant background check and if all looks well, set up an actual meeting. At the meeting, you can further discuss the apartment and get a personal feel for the tenant.

All in all, online apartment applications are one of the best ways to simplify the apartment rental process. They have worked really well for me and I strongly encourage you to take a look at one yourself if you are in the real estate business.

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