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On 13th November while I was on vacation I had received an email from patriciahiteregarding her car rental getting struck in the Hoh Rain Forest and asking for a suggestion as to how she can save some dollars from the rental car company Thrifty. I logged on to to check to see what the terms and conditions read about the natural calamities and how or if at all a car rental will be covered during such situations. I reserve these comments for patriciate to help her. To read the full story as reported on news channel website the story goes like this…Man’s Rental Car Stuck In Rain Forest After Storm

Claude Hite was seeking journey once he left his Tampa, Fla., home for an inhabitancy trip with an admirer within the Hoh Rain Forest. however turning into caught in serious rains and having to depart his rental automobile behind was over he anticipated.

Hite and Kenny Stadelman became at bay Nov. six once rains washed out a part of the sole road within the rain forest in Olympic parkland. The National Weather Service same six to twelve inches of rain fell throughout the park on Nov. 6.

A typical rainy, winter day would bring half to one inch of rain.

They had a little warning about flooding when they entered the park Nov. 6, they said. When the ranger told them to leave, a 75-foot-long, 25 foot-deep section of Hoh Road had already washed out, they said.

“It was difficult to not fall under the opening we tend to|oncewe|after we} thought we were past the purpose of no comeback,” Hite told the urban center Post-Intelligencer. “And then we have a tendency to ought to wherever there wasn’t any road to be flooded, and that we stopped within the nick of your time. I could have died; it was that close.”

It was 2 days before the boys were saved by park service staff, alongside 2 stranded park employees. However, Hite’s rented Chrysler noble metal Cruiser had to be left behind. It remains stuck as federal highway officials survey the damage at the park. Officials aforesaid they don’t understand once the road is repaired.

Hite, an epidemiologist for the state of Florida, rented the car for 17 days for $425, plus fuel, from Thrifty Car Rental at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

It’s due back Sunday when he flies home. Stadelman already has returned.

Hite’s wife, Pat, worries they’ll “have to pay rent on that car until it can be brought out, probably in the spring.”

Claude Hite didn’t buy a waiver to cover loss or damage for $28.50 per day. And their car insurance policy in Florida through Esurance covers theft or damage “but doesn’t cover ‘loss of use,”‘ Pat Hite said.

“So per our rental contract, we have a tendency to square measure liable for paying the rent till the automobile is recovered,” she said.

It’s an additional $20 to $27 for each day a car is out. Charges usually accrue till a rental automobile is came, though Thrifty risk manager Greg MacKenzie same he may lower the speed in Hite’s case.

MacKenzie same the corporate can retrieve the automobile once the park service builds a brand new road to access the Hoh Rain Forest traveler center, wherever the storm knocked out power. The same Bill Rohde, a vicinity ranger at Olympic, told him it might be 2 or 3 weeks.

“It’s descending like mad. Winds are howling,” same Rohde, WHO eleven years past had an automobile stranded within the park for 6 months once a fall storm.“If it keeps raining, the creeks will be coming up like it is again. The weather is putting the kibosh on getting cars out of the Hoh.”


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